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We are doing everything we can to ensure that all of our visitors, guests  and employees are kept safe,  avoiding the effects and infection from Covid-19 (Coronavirus) whilst on site.

Measures that we are using to achieve this include social distancing, PPE, careful planning, staff and implementation of procedures.

Everyone on site is asked to wear a face covering (unless medically exempt), use the sanitizer hand gel provided and obey all necessary instruction from personnel and signage. We will strictly adhere to current government guidelines and implement them for our guests, visitors and employees to follow. Everybody onsite will be expected to follow the current government guidelines and may be asked to leave the hotel if they are thought to be a health risk to others.

If you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 or other viruses prior to the date expected, we ask that you cancel your visit. If you are displaying symptoms, you will not be permitted on site and may be subject to a temperature check before being allowed into the premises. Furthermore, if a member of your household is displaying symptoms, we also ask that you cancel your visit to the aparthotel.

Everyone will be expected to adhere to the required social distancing regulations whilst on site at all times. Signage on the walls and floors may be present for further guidance on the expected correct distance to keep. Everybody on site must agree to obey instruction of management and employees in relation to Covid-19 and general fire, health and safety procedures.

We will put in place reasonable measures to avoid contamination and the spread of the virus. These measures are detailed within our Covid-19 risk assessment that is reviewed and updated whenever procedures or guidance changes.

All of our guests, visitors and employees are expected to abide by this policy and other associated documents, policies, procedures and Covid-19 risk assessments.