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Plan a pawfect stay at The Gresham


Are you a collie looking for somewhere to go on your jolly? A hound looking for somewhere to sleep that’s safe and sound? Or a labrador looking for a comfy bed on the floor?


At The Gresham we’ve got you covered. We’ve now got some extra-special, pawesome rooms set aside for you and your not-so-furry friends.


On arrival you’ll get your very own comfy bed and two sparkly clean bowls for all your dining needs.


Our pawfect pet stays cost an additional £15 per dog per stay and will have your tail wagging in no time!


Dog stays are subject to availability and are only available for small - medium sized dogs

A £15 supplement per dog is required for all dog stays (ask your human to pay)

Don’t let your humans leave you alone in your room - why should they go out and have all the fun?

Humans - stay off the dog furniture. Dogs - stay off the human furniture

Please pee outside

No wagging around in the bar / restaurant area

Do not attempt to use the gym equipment. Our fitness suite is for guests with two legs or less only

Have a woofing great stay!



Up to 10% off when booking for five nights or more

Up to 15% off when booking for when booking for ten nights or more

Up to 20% off when booking for fifteen nights or more

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