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Mark Hills: Bleisure trend part of holistic travel experience

This month I ventured down to London following a kind invite from Hotel Owner to feature as a guest on their podcast 'Checking In".

I've listened to many podcasts, but this was my first time being on one.

Michael and Heather were really welcoming and put me at ease, and once the conversation started to flow I was able to relax and felt really comfortable chatting away.

You can hear how I did on Spotify or Apple.

Lots of topics came up for discussion: my background and early career, The Gresham Aparthotel redevelopment, and trends and challenges in the industry.

One interesting trend we touched on was the increasing blend of business and leisure travel - ‘Bleisure’, as it’s being coined, where travellers incorporate opportunities for leisure activities to their business travel, adding personal days, or bringing family members on work trips and meeting them between work hours.

The Gresham Aparthotel is set up for long term stays, making it ideal for corporate visits.

You don't want to be stuck in one space all the time and that was something that the developers considered as plans evolved during the pandemic.

Lots of people were forced into home working during covid and now businesses are moving to this hybrid style.

When you stay here you've got an option to work in the bar at Black Iron Social, there's a beautiful space for meetings or hire a desk at Gresham Works, or you can set yourself up in an apartment where separate rooms give you privacy and mean you won't disturb anyone else.

It gives that flexibility and hybrid work environment when you're visiting the city for work and we've found people appreciate the differentiation.

A recent travel trends report shows that 1 in 3 business travellers plan to add leisure trips, and nearly a quarter plan to take a friend or family member with them on a business trip next year, so The Gresham Aparthotel is ahead of the curve.

And we expect the bleisure trend to only increase as the number of work trips reduce but increase in length, and we’re already set up for it.

The apartments here are perfect for it, and Leicester has so many top attractions that shouldn't be missed when you're here for business.

Add a weekend after your conference or before a week in the office, without needing to move out of your suite or apartment, and take in the best the city has to offer.

Bleisure is a trend that’s here to stay as travellers look to make the most of their trips, and checking in at The Gresham Aparthotel gives you the holistic experience you're looking for.


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