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Born to be in hospitality

Stavros Kavounidis became the deputy general manager at The Gresham Aparthotel Leicester in March 2023. Originally from Greece where he studied Business Management and Tourism at Athens University, he gained his experience of hospitality from a very early age.

Stavros explains: “I started in hospitality literally from the day I was born. My family owned and operated a small hotel in Rhodes, and I was born inside the hotel itself.”

Growing up he had first-hand experience of getting to know customers. Coupled with his natural friendliness he knows exactly what creates a good guest experience. October 2023 will mark ten years of working in Leicester hospitality for Stavros.

Stavros continues: “I have worked with hotelier brands such as IHG as well as managing a large student accommodation complex. This experience combined has provided me with vast insight into every type of customer as well as being a natural pathway to The Gresham style of hospitality.

“For me at work it is about being yourself, being personable and being understanding. This is very necessary at The Gresham as we have an array of people who stay. Every room at The Gresham is unique and so is every guest and therefore we need to provide customers with a personalised service.

“One of our guests could be from Australia to visit family in a nearby village and simply wants a luxurious space to unwind, have a great night's sleep and cook their favourite meals; or our guests could be a family attending a wedding or graduation in the city centre. The Gresham fits into people’s plans perfectly."

As the Deputy Manager he is encouraging his team to bring their whole personality to work and if people are having a good or bad day, he wants them to know he can support them. He is also keen that The Gresham symbolises the diversity of the city it is at the heart of.

Stavros concludes: “Mental health is so important and as a team we are here for each other no matter how people are feeling. Supporting people to be their best selves is incredibly important to me. That goes for our guests as well. Everyone is welcome here. Leicester is a diverse place, and we are proud to be a part of that."

The Gresham is an award-winning aparthotel which aims to be at the heart of everyone’s journey. It is a place where people can be themselves, feel great in a living space that is personal to them. The place that feels like home, only better.

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