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Mark Hills: Are small businesses lost in the season of sales?

Sale season has started.

Discounts, deals, promotions, and price drops are in your inboxes, your timelines and what feels like every window on the high street.

Guilty, we ran our own Black Friday sale ahead of the Christmas rush.

Then there's Cyber Monday, Boxing Day sales, and January sales all coming in quick succession.

Yet I've seen calls this year to move away, reframe, and think beyond these sales as they do little to support small and independent businesses, and prices vary so much throughout the year it is hard for the consumer to know when they are getting the best value.

Big chains have bigger margins they can play around with, which makes it hard for us to compete during the sales, and big discounts are more attractive when the purse strings tighten.

Where we have an advantage is offering a completely unique product that you won't find anywhere else (not even within The Gresham building as no two studios or apartments have the same layout).

The hotel industry operates with dynamic pricing to reflect supply and demand so rates will always fluctuate across the year.

What we always aim to do is offer guests the best rate available so they know the price they pay is the best value.

Luxury accommodation at The Gresham Aparthotel
Luxury accommodation at The Gresham Aparthotel

Amongst all these winter sales is Small Business Saturday, a day to champion small businesses and acknowledge their contribution to the economy and community.

It takes place on the first Saturday of December (the 2nd December this year) and encourages consumers to think beyond the high street names, and to shop local, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Leicester is home to thousands of small and medium businesses, The Gresham Aparthotel included, that contribute to a vibrant business community and city centre (and beyond), each as unique as the next.

They may not have the flashiest sale, but you can be sure of a fair price that reflects responsible and sustainable practice.

If you’re looking for unique accommodation in the heart of Leicester, message the team and we can discuss the best rate for your needs.


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